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Title: April Revolution
Author: m.jules
Summary: "The streets of Paris are burning once more." (Post-Colonization)
Rating: PG-13
Series References: the movie, the supposed mytharc of the entire series, Clyde Bruckman and Tithonus (blink and you'll miss those.)
Disclaimer: I'm sure the aliens would appreciate knowing Chris Carter claimed legal exclusivity on
the idea of colonization - but that's a lawsuit for other courts. In order to keep MY ass out of one, I say it again: The characters herein are not my own. Mea culpa. (But if you sue me, you gotta prosecute Floridiana - she beta'd this puppy.)
Author's Notes: Originally written somewhere around 1999/2000.

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Title: Cosmic Christmas Pizza
Author: m.jules
Rating: PG for wackiness
Fandom: X-Files
Genre: Gen, pointless fluff
Timeline: Approximately sometime around Season 3, I think.
Disclaimer: Fox Mulder and Dana Scully and their universe belongs to David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson, foremost, though for all legal purposes, I have to mention Chris Carter, 20th Fox, and 1013 Productions. This story? Well, let's not name names, shall we?
Author's Notes: Well, I WAS going to write a whole handful of holiday drabbles for various fandoms, and I started with Moose & Squirrel. Go figure, once those two got started, they wouldn't shut up in under 100 words. (You try getting Mulder and Scully in the same room without them going on for PAGES about nothing.)

So instead of a post with multi-fandom holiday drabbles, I will just post them one at a time as they write themselves.

And no, I will NOT write the story behind Mr. Valerio and the pizza.

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Title: Casserole
Fandom: X-Files, Mulder/Scully
Timeline: Post-series.
Summary: There's something fishy going on...
Disclaimer: Not for profit.
Author's Notes: I really, honestly do not know where this came from. I haven't written X-Files in years, didn't think I would again. I'm definitely very, very rusty.

Casserole )


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